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Journey Will Start In:

16 September 2021. 06 PM EDT

What Is Universe In A Cube?

A unique NFT collectible quest that brings you a remarkable experience
of space travel, exploration, and discovery.

Collect the Cubes and dive into an extraordinary journey across the Universe to discover its grand mystery and save humanity on the side.

What are CUBES?

A Cube is a piece of the Universe that you can literally keep in your pocket. Within the Cube, the greatest power is concealed as it is an alien key to the most distant and unexplored planets of the Universe.

A Cube is also a unique NFT token and the main asset that will allow you to participate in various game mechanics: build routes, earn achievements, craft new cubes, and more.

The collection consists of 25000 procedurally generated Cubes that are ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The first available Universe cluster is the Solar System. For the best immersion in the game and a high-quality experience, each player should have at least 3-7 Cubes in their collection to freely complete the quests and participate in various activities. 

We want every player to feel engaged and enjoy, therefore each Pack contains not one, but several Cubes. There are 10000 Packs for the price of 0,09 Eth each.


Chances of getting the Cubes from a Pack:

Amount in the Pack

An Exciting Quest for True Explorers!

Use the Cubes you own to participate in a large-scale community game where each member contributes to the common exploration.

Interactive Map of the Universe

shows the progress of the game community.

Seasonal Universe cluster reveal

brings new exciting content for you to explore.

Trips across the Universe

that you can make by building various routes from the Cubes you own. There are regular routes for everyone and special easter egg routes for someone who’s looking for a challenge.

Cubes Crafting

allows you to create brand new unique NFTs by merging several Cubes into one.


are granted to those who have discovered something first in Universe In a Cube, and their names will be written in history forever.

Road Map

Mint Pass Sale

Mint Pass is your Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket to Universe In a Cube. All Mint Pass owners are granted unique bonuses, such as early access to drops, gifts with every mint, raffle participation, and more. Mint Pass bonuses are guaranteed for all future Cube drops. Limited 999 editions.

More details in official Twitter and Discord.


The big day we all have been waiting for! 10,000 Packs are available for purchase at 0.09 ETH per Pack. The limit of Packs is 20 per wallet. Each Pack contains from 2 to 5 Cubes.

Map Of the Universe​

Universe In a Cube is nothing without its community. Map of the Universe shows unlocked clusters of space and allows you to see your contribution to the project. Watch the real-time progress of other players.

Additional Modes For the Map​

Map of the Universe is absolutely perfected. Now you can see detailed data for each planet that was unlocked (a planet is unlocked when at least 1 Cube from this planet was opened). The Map now has Community Market features: you can see the most popular planets along with the list of unlocked Cubes and their owners.

Personal Account On UCube Site

Forget the basic login functionality, here’s where the real journey starts. The personal account feature is the first to bring you closer to the real space traveling experience. For now, you can just see owned Cubes in 3D and admire your collection, but that’s one small step for a community, one giant leap for the project.

You’re not alone in the Universe

There is a lonely astronaut, who by fate, or through some miracle, has found a way to contact us from the future. Join daring captain Ray Wilder on his quest to save humanity. 


Help him make crucial choices during his journey across the galaxy and influence the story.

Follow Ray Wilder on Instagram
from 15 September

Our Team


Business founder and Project Manager.

Crypto Investor since 2017. 

20+ years of experience in business 

5+ years of experience in digital business

Warsaw, Poland


Project Manager. Strategy, Design, Branding. 

10+ years of experience in Graphic Design,

Web Design, and Branding. 

Warsaw, Poland


Lead Game Designer in a known Game Development company.

Game Design educator since 2015.

9+ years of experience in the development field.

St. Petersburg, Russia


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Moscow, Russia

+ Three 3D-artists Team


Lead Software Developer in a known Game Development company.

12+ years of experience in the development field. 

Warsaw, Poland


Marketing strategy. NFT Project Starter

Kyiv. Ukraine


Concept Artist.

Vinnytsia, Ukraine


Community Manager.

Lviv, Ukraine

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